Tuesday, April 25, 2006


It has been brought to my attention that I never said nothing about my internship. Oops. Pretty clear where the priorities lie, right? I am, of course, overjoyed to be going back to SF for the summer -- doing strategy for a high-tech company. But, but. We first go to Mexico (my 7th time there and 2nd time to the Yucatan and Deepti's 1st time south of the border) before we go to India, where we'll hang-out with the parents in Delhi and A'bad. Which means that I don't start my internship until early July, and work through to the end of September. Deepti goes directly to Philly in late July. I'll head back to Chicago in time for classes and fulltime recruiting! Come December, I hope to go traveling again -- maybe get a head-start in SE Asia.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Wharton's Welcome Weekend rocked. They know how to throw a good party. Really nice bunch of people. The highlights were (in no particular order) a sit-down dinner at the Academy of Natural Sciences, "Wharton Live" -- a two-hour show, of some of the most popular numbers from previous Wharton Follies, the pub-crawl, and of course, the WHALASA (the LatinAm group at Wharton) party at Transit. We really liked Philly, especially, of course, Center City and Rittenhouse Square. We went house-hunting too. Didn't like the brownstones very much, and thought that a lot of the high-rises around Rittenhouse Square were way over-priced. But I think the high-rises are going to win out. And in the week following WW, Deepti found a potential roommate or two on "e-talk". So things are moving -- on the logistics front.

In even more exciting news, I just found out that the International Business Exchange Program (IBEP), here at Chicago GSB, has "nominated [me] to attend Nanyang Business School" in Singapore for Winter Quarter '07. Yipikaye! Nanyang was my first choice. Rejoice! I am SO looking forward to Singapore. Amit D has promised to put me in touch with his friends at Nanyang, so we can go party in Malayasia, and Tommy T (who will go to LSE for IBEP!!) suggested that I should also visit Indonesia. I was immediately reminded of Samir's trip to and pictures of Borobudur.

I am getting killed in my classes.