Tuesday, October 31, 2006

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Wharton's halloween party rocked. I went as a pirate, complete with clip-on ear-ring. Yeah, yeah, I know: scary.  Deepti went as a naughty schoolgirl, due in part to a malfunctioning sailor-girl outfit. Transit was jam-packed by the time we got there, which was around midnight. Since I wouldn't have recognized anybody anyway, I didn't try. Random he-devils (too many people dressed in drag for my taste) were introduced to me, and at least one person tried to make conversation with me, at which point I glared at them from the other side of my key-holed eye-patch, but that didn't seem to have the desired effect. An innocent brunette clutching an apple in her hand, dancing inside a black leather settee with a removable top (of said settee) turned out to be Laurie. We danced a bit. Then there was this Indian woman she-devil who kept finding my behind to bump into all night long.  I swear.  I didn't mind too much.  She had a velvety behind.  Velvety red. But not enough skin, I must say.  There was a police-woman who was bumping and grinding and grinding and grinding this guy in a toga.  But still.  Not enough skin.  I'd heard crazier things about Wharton parties.  What up?

The rest of the weekend was pretty boring.  Deepti was studying for her "Finance" mid-term.  Here's my exposition on Wharton v. Chicago GSB.  Wharton: pre-fixe curriculum makes for a somewhat simplistic and tedious "core".  Their Finance class is mostly about NPV and growing annuities.  I don't recall any one at Chicago GSB ever teaching me annuities, growing or otherwise. It was mostly stuff you either knew or picked up along the way.  The only upside of a fixed curriculum is that everyone is in the same classes, so you get to know your classmates.

This week is pretty light.  I have to interview a millionaire for my New Venture Strategy class.  It's good to have rich cousins.  Then there's an LBO case to do for Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity.  I liked the VC stuff.  This debt stuff is too scary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grrrrr...Seems like you had lot of fun at the halloween party. Couple of my friends were visiting from outside bay area and we all dressed up as super heroes and went to Castro. This time, it was a bit tame with lot of security. Even then, few people got shot. We were all there and didn't see/feel a thing. I dressed up as Zorro and Stuthi went as a bat girl. In our group there was Neo and Trinity from Matrix, Wonder woman, Electra, Cat, Van Helsing, Mystery Girl, and couple of pirates. The ladies were getting attracted to Zorro.

11/01/2006 9:14 PM  

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