Tuesday, August 22, 2006

il nome della rosa

The MBA-internship season is coming to a close.  Most folks I know are finishing up this week or the next.  On the other hand, I have a month to go before I fly back to Chicago, but that's because I started late.
The internship at Salesforce has been an awesome experience.  I really like the company, have enjoyed working with the people there, have really liked the work I've been doing, and by all accounts, my work has also been appreciated.  Couldn't ask for much more in 6 weeks.  The reports from the field though, have been somewhat mixed.  Most of my classmates from Chicago have had superlative internships, with few exceptions.  Where things have been less than exemplary, it's mostly been because of a poorly structured internship program etc.  A few interns from some other schools were complaining about mis-matched expectations, but my guess is that you're going to get a little noise like that in any sample.
My calendar has been rather full with social engagements.  The MBA crowd has also been somewhat active, particularly these past couple of weeks.  I've started running a little bit, and I desperately hope to do a little biking before I leave for the flatness that is Chicago.  But for the life of me, I can't get back into my old reading habit.  (Deepti refuses to believe I've read all the books I own, anyways.)  I've been reading the new Umberto Eco: The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana.  It's an okay book I suppose.  But after a few hundred pages of erudite but apparently pointless references, I simply cannot go on.  I guess I need to find a good book to ignite my old flame... 
Saw Omkara (Hindi version of modern-day Othello).  Loved it.  Saif Ali Khan at his best.  Also saw Little Miss Sunshine.  Thought it was quite ordinary.  As was Tsotsi.  Liked Wordplay.  No, I haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth yet.
Deepti appears to have settled in quite well at Wharton.  She's learning to deal with those really hard MBA-type questions: should I go to Fado or should I study for Micro?  She passed Math Camp with flying colors (so she can matriculate!) and is now working hard (or so she claims) to waive basic Micro and Stats.  And she doesn't think she'll concentrate in Accounting.  Surprise.
I'm going to stay at the I-house next quarter.  Yes, it's a dorm!
(BTW, Google's free WiFi service in Mountain View rocks!)