Thursday, November 30, 2006

New York state of mind

The 10 day vacation in Philly is over. Finals are approaching. This week is the last of my classes at Chicago. Yeah, it's exciting! I leave for India next Thursday, spend a month in India, before heading off to Singapore. Might do a trip out to Angkor Wat. Samir's been telling me to learn some Bahasa, for my trips into Malaysia and Indonesia (yes, the trips are, as they say, in the offing). It (Bahasa) is easy, he says.

But let me digress. Philly was boring and fun in parts. Thom's party was fun. Vidihi's party was also fun. Body-shot pictures were taken, but have not been posted. Will not be posted. Dhoom 2 was awesome. Better than Casino Royale, which, I haven't yet seen. Went to Rutgers! It's been, what, oh, I forget, too many years. We drove around, saw the BAMM dorms (I lived in Metzger), Clothier on College Ave, Winkler back on Busch. It all looked the same. I didn't realize I'd missed it so much! (The Raritan was as dirty as ever!) Couldn't find my way around to Hill. Oh, well.

The boring parts were when Deepti et al were busy with their unending home-works (of the grade-disclosing kind) and their BCG case-competition. So get this. If they win the thing, they're guaranteed a summer internship. Except they don't find out if they've won or not, until after all the regular interviews are over, and all offers have been made. Huh? I seriously don't get it.

Drove into NY, post Rutgers. (With a little sojourn in Edison of course, of the prandial kind). This was the day after thanksgiving, and Holland Tunnel was brightly lit with "NY Grid Lock Alert" alerts. Headed to Times Square. Again, it'd been a while since I'd last been. And I'd forgotten the massiveness of everything. It (the square) was awesome. Wandered aimlessly for a while. Got a drink at this Hawaiian bar with the most skimpily clad waitresses. Awesome (said waitresses). Then we headed to the Village, after a quick conference with Cherishma. Go to Bleeker and McDugal, she said. So we did. Hit a hookah bar, the kathi roti place (the roti was good, the kathi was dubious), Mammud's. Everybody knows about Mammud's. Okay, so the Falafel's were good, but, really.

My cab back from the airport today, caught on fire. First, there was this major skidding action going on, and the cabbie is like, did you see that, and I was like, yeah, and he was like, OMG, I'm freaking out. Then, we cruise for a bit (in a more or less straight fashion). Cabbie goes, oh, there's smoke. So we pull over, pop the hood, and sure enough, the engine's on fire. I gently suggest that perhaps he should turn the engine off, which he does, after which I suggest (also gently) that he might consider calling me another cab. He was a little surprised that I didn't want to continue to riding in the same cab, but after some more (gentle) persuasion, relented.

Then there was this little incident of SOFP (sudden onset of food poisoning) at the SABG career panel. The pizza did look uncooked, and Nikhil had had 4 slices, but I, with my one peperoni slice was done in with astonishing alacrity.

So you see, nothing much has been going on. Jonathan was pressing me (yes, yes, the pun is intended only) to blog. So.