Thursday, July 10, 2003

Right. Long time, no posts, I know. Thing is, nothing has been happening. My thought processes have slowed down considerably, even if they (the thought processes) had never been anything to write home about. It's been raining intermittently. It (the rain) has been very welcome, except in the evenings, when it interrupts my basketball-playing.

"Jhankar Beats" was really good.

Goddamn everybody has a mobile. Reliance is giving out mobiles for Rs. 501.

The roads have been dug up just in time for the monsoon, which makes it (all of it) really fun.

Pune was lovely.

Bangalore was chaotic, congested and not all that.

Hyderabad was vibrant and hot.

Bombay has deteriorated considerably, even though the CEO of the largest software services company in India bought a flat in my uncle's building at considerably inflated prices (inspite of the rather spectacular views). And the fact remains, there still isn't anything to do in Bombay (or anywhere else in India for that matter).

Pockets of resistance remain. The counter-revolutionaries have taken to driving out to the multiplexes out in the middle of nowhere at night, combating flooded roads and kicchad. This, of course, in cities where there are multi multiplexes. Surat, BTW, has become the latest "fastest developing" thing. NRIs are buying up ultra-modern flats @ Rs. 80 lakhs.

Mel karvat, mochi na mochi.