Monday, November 28, 2005

moment of truth

I can't believe this quarter will be over by next Friday.  I have to sit my ass down and do some serious studying, because otherwise I'll be getting grades I really won't want to disclose.  (Aforementioned noble intentions of putting in some serious study-time over Thanksgiving came to naught.)

Figured out classes for next quarter: Investments, Pricing Strategy and Network Structures of Effective Management.  Got 'em all for 0 points, which is ****ing awesome.  I have no idea what I'm saving my points for, but it sure feels good.  Yeah, so I didn't get the professor I wanted for Investments, and instead had to settle for Friday section (gasp!)  I'll still have Mondays free.

Went to the "International Business Exchange Program" (IBEP) panel today.  It's where you get to spend a quarter abroad, at one of 33 partner schools across the globe, including the perennial favorite London Business School, and good ol' IIM-A, and a bunch of schools in Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, latin-Am etc.  I'm quite interested in going somewhere warm, for Winter '07.  No, seriously.  Somewhere warm.

Groups are a-forming for case-practice over winter-break.  I'm agog with joy and all.

Anyway, so just a few more interminable lunch-and-learns to go to, one more homework to hand in on Thursday -- and it'll be home-stretch!  Yipikaye!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

is an MBA right for you?

Ask yourself that question.  Then don't believe your answer. 

It's nearing the end of the quarter.  Finals are looming.  I did okay on my mid-terms, but I really need to work hard on the finals (especially for the classes which had an "optional" mid-term -- which means that the mid-term score is discarded if you do better on the final.)  All of this is, of course, Grade Non-Disclosure notwithstanding.

Presentations have started (are they over already?!)  Got a bunch of invites to these "private" events by the consulting companies.  Which doesn't mean much for consulting, because there are tons of closed-list positions anyway.  But read Satyajeet's eloquent lament on that and 9 other topics here.

It's been a tough, tough week.  Got chewed up by a professor, mostly because I was bold enough to ask a very un-thought-through question.  Oh well. 

In happier news, I found out that at least one 2nd year reads my blog.  Yay.  (Yeah, *that was* the upside for the week.)

Diwali party's coming up on Friday at Vermillion, a chic Indian-fusion resto-bar in the city (curious: they don't have a web-site.)  Bhangra, south-asian tapas and 2 free premium-drinks.  Very bollywoodish, the whole set-up, no?  Golden Gargoyles, the annual GSB film-fest and party extravaganza is on Saturday.  I think after the weekend, it's hunker-down time until after the first-week of December, which brings the quarter to a close.

Oh, BTW, did I mention temperatures?  How about 18 degrees for a low yesterday?  Yes, fahrenheit.  And it snowed too.

So are we getting away for the winter break?  Somewhere exciting?  Mexican beaches?  Caribbean beaches?  No chance.  I'll be practicing cases for consulting interviews.

So, ask yourself that question.